Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tips for caring for relaxed hair

Relaxed hair is probably one of the most expensive to maintain especially for someone who really isn't into hair care and all those do it yourself experiments. Growing up, my mom didn't have the time to wash, condition and treat my hair so off we went to the hairdressers. 5 hours later (LoL), she would call to find out if I was finished and when she would be there to pick me up. A vast majority of people do the big chop due to breakage or the amount of money going down the drain every 2 weeks just to get a treatment, lets not even talk about the time spent at your hairdressers. I came across this article on Coco~N~Creme and had to share.

Don’t shy away from hair oil
Oil is excellent for relaxed hair. It serves as a heat protectant, nourishes the scalp and eases dryness to help eliminate breakage. Some people fear that using oil will give locks a heavy greasy look, but this is not true. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and olive oil are all lightweight. It’s all about the amount of oil that is used and how it’s used. Always take the less-is- more route when applying oil to hair and scalp.

Wash hair regularly
Clean hair is the foundation of healthy hair. Depending on whether you r hair is healthy or damaged, how often you wash can vary. If you feel the need to wash hair more often, try doing a co-wash; that way, you’re locking in moisture and not stripping hair of essential oils and nutrients that can be lifted with shampoo.

Condition, condition, condition!
Whether it’s a daily or weekly formula, your hair craves conditioner. Choose a daily conditioner that’s lightweight and meets the specific needs of your hair, for example if you have a dry scalp look for shampoo that’s specifically for that problem. Deep condition hair a minimum of once bi-weekly. If you use conditioner on wet hair, be sure to use a wide-tooth comb during the detangling process to avoid breakage.

Limit the amount of heat you use
Some of the worst hair horror stories that I’ve heard are those involving heat damage. Using too much heat on tresses is never a good idea. Instead of blow drying hair right after a wash, try letting it air dry. If you are on-the-go, let hair dry for about 15 minutes and set the blow dryer on medium or low heat. Ceramic hot rollers are also a nice option for a style that’s full of body, but not to taxing on your hair’s health.

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Muse Origins said...

Thanks for sharing this!!!! Will go hunting for jojoba oil. Haven't used it in a while


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