Thursday, April 14, 2011

She's Back!

Self portrait washroom pic! *blush*
Hello beauties! I'm back to doing what I love - blogging!  I apologize for the hiatus, I've had to juggle between work, my side hustle (soon to be revealed) and my personal everyday life.  Nonetheless the most important thing here is, I'm back! *yyyyyay*

To make up for my disappearance, there are 2 new posts -
● ●  Adiya, the creator of The Corner Shop blog is my latest feature [read more . . .]
● ●  Read a little blurb from Jane Powell - What Makes You Beautiful? [read more . . .]

I've got to get going, tooooo much to blog about!

● ● twoodles ● ●

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Welcome back :D


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