March 18
Cantu Shea Butter
I finally took out my sew in weave after 7 weeks - talk about a protective style and bang for my buck! LoL  While at the hair store, I decided to try 2 of Cantu's Shea Butter's products. Normally I use Organics Root Simulator Olive Oil:  Aloe shampoo, replenishing conditioner and hair mayonaise.  As I mentioned in the Invisible Part Tutorial, I haven't permed my hair for about 7 months.  Here's a review on the products I used.

(L-R) Moisturizing cream shampoo & Leave-in conditioning repair cream
Moisturizing cream shampoo
Due to the fact that I hadn't conditioned my hair in 7 weeks, I really wanted the products to penetrate into my strands and scalp.  I wet my hand a little with water, massaged the shampoo throughout my scalp and let it set for about 30 minutes
Closer look
After 30 minutes, I washed my hair as I normally would
My growth is just about halfway.  I'm going to cut my ends off next time I'm at the hair salon.
I've never colored my hair before, I noticed my ends are lighter. 
 Leave-in conditioning repair cream
Parted my hair into half and then smaller sections and put the leave-in conditioner 
Combed it out with a wide tooth comb.  Anything smaller than this would have pulled my hair out.  I put a shower cap on and let the leave in sit for about 3 hours.  At this point my hair was REALLYREALLY soft, I could literally comb completely right through it.  
Blow dryed it out
10/10 I was completely satisfied.  My hair smelt amazing.  Just as the container says my hair was soft, shiny and manageable.  Cantu has other products in their line.  I will continue using it for the next 6 months and keep you posted.  You can find Cantu at your local Beauty supply for under $8.  Definitely worth it!

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February 22  
Shea Butter
Shea originates from the Karite Tree, meaning the “Tree of Life” and indigenous to Africa. This tree takes 20 years or more to produce its invaluable fruit, the shea nut. The ripened nuts, regarded to as “women’s gold” are collected once they fall to the ground and are crushed to extract its butter. This butter is then boiled and strained to filter dirt and impurities. Shea butter is mentioned in nearly all documents of African history and has always been attached to African pharmacology. It is included in references tackling Cleopatra, which mention caravans bearing clay jars of shea butter for cosmetic purposes and where funeral beds of kings were carved in wood of old shea butter trees. 

Calms irritated scalp
Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties and can be applied directly to the scalp. Melt a small amount of shea butter in the microwave or over a pot of boiling water. Melt only what you plan to use right away. Put a dab of the melted oil on your finger and apply it to the scalp.

Hair Sealant
Black hair tends to become dry. Shea Butter is a super dense emollient. Apply shea butter to seal in water moisture. Spray your hair with water or a moisturizing product with a high water content. Put a small amount of shea butter into the palm of the hand and rub the hands together briskly to melt. Coat the moistened hair with the shea butter to seal in moisture.

Heat Protection
Protect hair during heat styling by using shea butter. Shea Butter absorbs quickly into the hair without leaving a greasy feel. Yet it coats the hair strand to protect against heat damage while it allows for smooth passing of the heat appliance over the hair.

Soften and Lubricate
Lubricate and soften the hair with shea butter. Apply a small amount of shea butter to hair to bring a natural luster to the surface of the hair. Shea butter has a slight smell which dissipates very rapidly.

  • The REAL deal - Find a local African grocery/supermarket in your area and purchase shea butter in its pure form
  • Cantu hair products offers a complete system of hair and scalp & skin care products made with 100% pure shea butter to moisturize, nourish, repair and protect your hair.  You will find their line of products at your local beauty supply store
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