Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 Reasons Why Black Women Love Themselves

I love blogging for 3 reasons -
● ●  I think outside the box
● ● My searches increase 100% once I find a topic I am interested in (sometimes I literally force myself to go to sleep at random hours of the morning because I get so carried away)
● ● I discover and explore different websites I never knew existed

Madame Noire an online publication for black women is one the many sites I frequently visit (discovered it during my late browsing sessions) It is a hub for everything black women want to know about - beauty, health, entertainment, career, living e.t.c  I came across this post titled 10 Reasons Why Black Women Love Themselves and thought I would share.  Enjoy!

1. Less Likely to Buy Into Unrealistic Standards
2. Confidence
3. Different Beauty Standards from Mainstream America
4. Acceptance and Embracement of Ethnic Features
5. Our Skin
6. Admiration and Celebration of the “thicker”/ “curvier” frame
7. Diversity of Features
8. Appreciation from the Fellas (regardless of race)
9. Knowledge of our history
10. Perseverance
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Precious Henshaw said...

I loved it! This was such a great article!

Muse Origins said...

Yes oh!!! Up us :D


Crown Chronicles said...

Black is indeed beautiful!

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