Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who invented weave?

In 1949, Christina Jenkins was employed by a wig manufacturer and she realized the most common complaint was that the wigs would fall off of the clients head. She started researching the problem in hopes of finding a solution that would allow for the permanent attachment of commercial hair to the client's head and an alternative to add style without damaging your hair with chemicals or heat.

She came up with a revolutionary process that would weave commercial hair to human hair. She called the process "Hairweeve" and obtained a patent for it in 1951. Hairweev is the process of permanently attaching commercial hair onto existing hair by forming a natural weft for the purpose of adding hair (thickness, length, baldness and medical reasons) Christina's technique created an interest from the public from potential clients to potential cosmetologists to potential businesses. She was paid to travel worldwide to teach her weaving technique.

Her technique was said to be a very lengthy process, first the hair was sewn on a netting, cornrows were braided on to your hair and then the netting was sewn attached to the hair.

Mrs. Jenkins opened up a Hairweev Academy for training licensed cosmetologists. Trainees came from all over the country and left armed the new technique and with a franchising program. Many of the students did not fulfill their financial obligations to the Academy for their franchises and their default left Mrs. Jenkins without control of her invention. Several court cases were filed, but by this time, Ms. Jenkins did not have the financial ability to successfully coming running the business.

Today, the hair extension industry is a billion dollar industry over the year many different methods have bee n created such as -
  • Needle and thread technique (sewn in tracks)
  • Bonding
  • Fusion
  • Lace wig units
  • Braiding + much more

The profits that arise are a result of Christina's ingenious invention. Her invention is in the same league as Madame C.J. Walker, changing the hair industry.

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