Monday, February 7, 2011

Feature of the day - Shenae Lee

Meet Ms. Lee, the ever so fabulous hair stylist, fashion consultant & makeup artist 

How long have you been a stylist?  I’ve been a stylist for about 13 years

Specialty: I specialize in weaves, including full heads and invisible parts. I also do ponytails, buns, braids, wigs, individual lashes, makeup; I’ll even re-do your wardrobe for the right price! LOL! Anything creative — I’m all over it.

What do you like most about it? The ability to give people what they want. I like looking at a client, envisioning how they would look with a more flattering hairstyle, and then being able to create that look for them. It’s so rewarding at the end when girls send me a picture from the event they went to and they’re so thankful to me for helping them create their look. I kinda feel like a fairy godmother at times

How often do you change your hairstyles? It really does depend on a lot of things; my mood, the outfit I plan on wearing, how many times I plan to be at a party that month, whether I have a hot date with my boo ;-)

Inspiration:  A lot of my inspiration for my hair styles and just style overall comes from celebrities. On a regular basis I get comments from people telling me I resemble numerous gorgeous celebrities…so why not?? *side eye*

Look-alike? What do you think?
Different Looks:  It’s not unusual for me to have a 22 inch white blonde weave like Lady Gaga one day. A 10 inch asymmetrical jet-black bob like my girl Nicki Minaj the next. 12 inches of Kool-Aid red tresses like my lil sis Rihanna or 18 inches of loose curls and layers like the beautiful Kim Kardashian a week later. So to answer that question, I’d just say probably a lot more often than I should or need to. . .

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