Thursday, March 10, 2011

We Love Her Style - Janelle Monae

One can't help but notice the pomadour Janelle Monae hairstyle.  Janelle is very unique and also displays her creativity through her fashion choices.
It’s called the “Monae” and it’s a lifestyle thing. I’m not just doing it because it’s a trend. It’s like my superhero uniform. When I’m working and performing and even in my off time, this is how I like to wear my hair. It’s just transcendent. You can wear it anytime and it works. It’s like a retro-futuristic feel. I’ve seen people trying to wear it, and that’s fine. I just know it’s a trend for some people.  People mean well and I didn’t invent the pompadour, but only one person can wear this particular hairstyle and that’s Janelle Monae.


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