Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Luster's Pink Moisturizer

When you think of Luster's, you think the pink oil moisturizer, that’s been in every black household throughout the world.  

I was born in Canada but raised and lived in Nigeria for a few years and I'll always remember my mom buying the biggest bottle on the shelf to take back with us towards the end of our summer vacation in Toronto. 

Did you know that Luster’s essentially branded the "S-Curl"? 

Luster products was founded by the late Fred Luster, Sr in 1957.  Fred was a successful hairstylist in Chicago, Illinois, was inspired to develop a line of hair care products that would specifically cater to the health and maintenance of the hair of African-Americans. Inspired by the support of his family, Mr. Luster guided the company from a storefront operation into a multi-million dollar, worldwide enterprise.

Luster products is now headed by his children Jory Luster, Fred Luster II and Sonja Luster-Munis. The Chicago-based company is one of the largest black owned companies in the African-American hair care market.

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