Sunday, March 6, 2011

Special Feature - Yvonne Ekwere

Crown Chronicles is pleased to feature Dynamix TV personality of the year 2010 and Producer for Silver Bird TV Nigeria, Yvonne Ekwere also known to many as Vixen. This style connoisseur, writer, entertainer, jeweller and ceo I-BLING accessories and Tees reveals her hair regimen.

NAME: Yvonne Ekwere

HAIR REGIMEN: I wash my hair at least once a week if I don't have hair extensions on. I re-touch with kiddie relaxer every 2 months. I steam once every month. I trim the roots every time I wash and when it comes to drying my hair, I NEVER go under the hair dryer, I hate it! I'd rather use a hand dryer and curling iron! LoL

WHAT LIES BENEATH? Describe under hair underneath the extensions:  Underneath my hair extension is texturized hair; styled into a Monica -type hair cut.

WHAT PRODUCTS DO YOU USE ON YOUR NATURAL HAIR:  I don't use too many products on my hair but I'm a fan of the Beautiful Beginnings hair relaxer as it gives my hair a soft and fine texture.  Organics Hair Mayonnaise is also a fave of mine.  Any hair cream/wax that's got coconut oil, shea butter or marijuana (yup! I said it) in it works for me!  Products I use vary depending on my hair style or directions my hair stylist gives

LENGTH OF YOUR EXTENSIONS:  Extensions are very important to me because of the glam nature of my job so to keep me noticeable I do different styles with different extensions and their length and colours but I'm a big fan of extensions between 16" - 34" inches!

HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET YOUR HAIR DONE?  Oooh! I get my hair done very often! I think the longest I've had a hairstyle on was a month and I had long early 90's inspired braids on

Yvonne Speaks! - WHAT IS YOUR VIEW ON THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPERLY GROOMED HAIR FOR WOMEN:  It is very important to keep ones hair groomed because as we all a women hair is her crowning glory and tells a lot about her personality. Without the perfect hair texture and style, the "perfect look" can't be achieved! So find a great hair stylist and listen and obey to instructions given! :-)

Thanks for sharing Yvonne!
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neks2U said...

Nice. Her hair is gorgeous!

Crown Chronicles said...

I agree, absolutely gorgeous!

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