Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swimming in chlorinated water

Here are some steps to take to before and after swimming:

  • Adding coconut oil to the hair will help the hair absorb less water. Use it the night before swimming to give the coconut oil time to penetrate the hair. 
  • Soak the hair with tap water before getting in the pool. If the hair is saturated with tap water, it will absorb less pool water. Remember that a light rinse won't do it, have your child stand under the shower for a few minutes. If the hair is in delicate style that cannot handle direct shower spray, consider putting a lycra cap on your child before she steps into her pre-swim shower and make sure that cap gets soaked. 
  • Use a latex or silicone swim cap to further limit how much chlorinated water the hair takes on. Since they won't keep the hair totally dry,  put them on after soaking the hair with tap water. These caps can be used over lycra caps if desired.
  • After swimming, rinse the hair thoroughly. You can wash the hair with shampoo at this point to remove even more chlorine. If you choose to wash the hair, don't forget to condition too!
  • After the post-swim rinse or wash, add a moisturizing leave-in


Muse Origins said...

The thought of dealing with my hair after swimming is a major discouragement whenever i think of going close to a swimming pool

How have you been hon??

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