Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Feature: Louisa of Afroblush

Meet Louisa, a lady after my own heart!  Louisa is the creator of Afroblush, the unique vision behind the blog was what attracted me to it.  Louisa just did the big chop 2 months ago!  Read her glory story here.


Muse Origins said...

Great feature!! Lord please give me the strength to do this chop cause i've been wanting to for a while now

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Muse Origins

Crown Chronicles said...

Adiya, I am approaching the phase of rocking my natural hair. I am very frustrated as of this morning. The time and money I spend is starting to get to me. Reading blogs like 'A Woman's Worth', teachings of Dave Ramsay, Frugalista its time to get serious and bank that money I spend on products and getting it done!

So! Are you with me?? Let's do it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Muse origins! go for it!! get some style inspiration first, what earrings are you going to wear? What kind of style will you choose to carry out your new look?

The chop will be great, but just be prepared. You will look fabulous, I am sure of it!

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