Friday, June 3, 2011

Relaxers Versus Natural

Natural, untreated hair tends to be thicker and curlier, which means that you are going to have big hair, but not necessarily long locks. Because of its thickness, natural hair tends to grow out more than it does down.

Relaxed hair, on the other hand, is all about length. In fact, most women are shocked by how long their hair is when they stretch it out a bit. So, when choosing between the two, decide whether you want to shake it out or shake it down.

Natural hair might be healthy, but it sure can be hard to pull a comb through. When all of those curls twist and tie together, your comb becomes your worst enemy. The job has to be done though, so most likely, you are going to tough it out while you detangle your locks.

Relaxed hair, by comparison, is almost made for a comb and you will be mesmerized by how easily it glides through your manageable tresses.

You have tons of options with both hair types. Natural hair looks fantastic with funky headbands, pulled-up puff ponytail styles and all-out, as-big-as-possible tight curls.

Relaxed hair is fabulous in a slick ponytail, sexy in spiral curls and simple in a middle-parted bob. Experiment regardless of which you choose, so you don't get stuck in the same old boring hairstyle.

OK, there's no getting around the fact that relaxed hair just takes a lot more care. Natural girls can just wash and go...literally step out of the shower, shake the water off of their hair and step on out the door.

Relaxed ladies? Not so much. Their hair must be blown dry straight or wrapped and then flat-ironed to retain that straight and sassy style. Moreover, because of the chemicals in relaxer, hair must also be deep conditioned more often to guard against breakage.
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Ola said...

Love the comparison, I think the grass is always a little greener on the other side. I flip flop about if I should stay relaxed or transition.

Anonymous said...

I have been going natural and when I want my hair to look long and strait I have my natural stylist press it out so it looks in my opinion better than relaxed hair because it is not as weak or brittle. I have the tangle teezer so combing an manageability is not an issues as long as I have time because my hair is a really thick type 4 (not sure if it is 4b or 4c). I like how you have it set up your blog and compare.

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