Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Man with the million dollar hair!

It's not a joke! You read the title correctly. 
This isn't exactly news that just came fresh off the press but I came across it and had to post it.

Meet Pittsburgh Steelers' Troy Polamalu -
This picture is a bit exaggerated
Tony has insured his long locks of hair foe $1 million. It's on the list of the strangest things covered by insurance.  Head and shoulders, the shampoo giants, have paid for the claim as Polamalu is one of their advertisers and gets their name into the sports world.

Polamalu has not cut his locks for 10 years, since his coach told him to, but now he is choosing to let them grow in tribute to his Samoan heritage.  Having this much hair in a contact sport is a slight disdvantage to him. With flowing hair at a length of almost one metre, opponents have targeted him.  In 2006, Larry Johnson of the Kansas Chiefs grabbed onto his hair and tackled him - legally.

The insurance company, Lloyd's of London, has not revealed what has to happen to Polamalu's hair for anyone to collect on the policy.
Polamalu on a "normal" day


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