Monday, January 31, 2011

Feature of the day - Bourgy Babe


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN NATURAL?: I have been natural for about 2 years now

GLORY STORY:  My story unlike most other natural sisters was not one borne out of compulsion or bad hair days. My epiphany happened during a time when I needed a new direction for my life and my life in its entirety needed an overhaul (body, soul, spirit).  When I went natural with my hair, so did my whole being and this was borne out of a need to embrace my whole self and live my life to its fullness.  It came with trashing artificial, eating more organic and plant based meals.  Living a more conscious life and just been in charge of my life.  Going Natural was a product of searching for my true authentic self and I’m a big believer that wearing one’s hair naturally has very little to do with the actual hair and speaks of a deeper sense of one’s self.  

Natural puff
MY JOURNEY:  Since I've been natural, I carry myself differently.  I think differently.  I have a renewed sense of confidence and esteem. I don’t feel as though I’m hiding under a mask of what I’m not. It’s the best aesthetic decision I ever made and I've never looked back!

MAINTENANCE:  Natural hair is so phenomenal; it doesn't ask for much, just keep it moisturized and your kinks will be pleased.

PRODUCTS I USE:  All natural Shea Butter to moisturize.  Any oil based shampoo should be used once a week.  Condition 3 times a week.

BOURGY BABE SUGGESTS:  If you’re thinking about going natural, just do it!  After all, your permed hair is always covered in weave anyways. It excites me that more ladies are finally catching on.  Going natural is not a trend, its here to stay!

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